Thursday, May 7, 2009

On the eve of her 21st day

I have to admit, I am nervous. VERY nervous. I have watched her all day, looking for any sign that she may come in heat tomorrow. She is acting natural right now. She looks fat. Oh, brother. I just am so scared that she will not be able to get pregnant. Farmer-hubby and I talked about our plan of action if this time fails again. Do we phone Tony? Do we just take her to a bull and try that? It isn't an easy decision, because timing is everything, and the further we push this into the summer...that means her baby will be born later into the spring.... etc. I think I'm going to go check her rear again, see if I see anything clear.

The kids and I are going to a Jersey dairy tomorrow to take a tour with our homeschool group. If she's mooing in the morning before we leave, going there and seeing the calves will be depressing. If she is quiet, going there and seeing the calves will make me hopeful. If I come home and she's mooing, I may cry. If I come home and she's quiet, I may cry!

Oh Sweetums. Sweet sweet girl.

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judy kay said...

I am on the edge of my seat... C'mon, Sweetums!!