Monday, August 30, 2010

Grain Sorghum (or for you midwesterners...milo) Harvest

I still count on my fingers every now and then. And when it comes to determining how far along we are in our farm year, I like to start at April as month #1...and then count on my fingers until I get to December (so that is 8 months).....and then divide that in half (so that is 4)....and then count on my fingers again from April till I get to four...AUGUST! And we are at the end of August, soooooo.... we are half way through the farm year. We are hot and heavy into harvest. We have green peanuts up to our eyeballs, almost done with grain sorghum, and pretty soon we will start dry peanuts. But I wanted to share the milo harvest photos with you because I love love love harvest photos. (and if you love them too take a look here) I love the way something looks when it is ready to be picked and then I love watching it be picked....and then I love seeing the empty field....and then I love knowing we are closer to fall and closer to holidays and closer to the farmer having family time...anyhoo, lets get to the photos.

Ooops! How'd this one get in here? (But just for the record, Gannett calls this "a big huge piggy back ride")