Sunday, May 4, 2008

You might be a farm family....

If your daughter names her stuffed penguin, "Penguin Heifer"

If your son says his favorite animal is "my white goat 'Scappy'" (but it's really "Scrappy")

If your daughter can tell you very specific personality traits of each of the 6 chickens roaming the pasture

If your husband runs for the County Commission seat that was most recently occupied by a man named "Junior"

If you get to work and realize that your "clean" shoes have an unidentified brown caked substance on the bottom of them (OK, 'unidentified' really means I'm not sure which animal it came from)

If your daughter says, "We don't ever wanna live anywhere but the farm, right Mamma?" in a major twang accent

If your 2 year old knows the difference between a tractor and a combine AND can identify the John Deere logo

If when your home phone rings at 7:30 am, it is almost always your fertilizer dealer wanting to know what field is next

If any of these things characterize you (like they do me) YOU MIGHT BE A FARM FAMILY!