Monday, February 28, 2011

Growing Up

Bittersweet has lived up to his name his whole life. He came to us in an emergency situation on the day he was born, March 8, 2010. Our Jersey, Sweetums, had delivered a beautiful heifer calf who tragically drowned in our pond. We needed a replacement calf that day.You can read about it here, here, and here. We brought Bittersweet to our farm and he became Sweetums' new baby. She has always loved him and cared for him. She has continued to mother and nurture him all through his first year. It has been beautiful to watch, really.

Calves don't normally nurse for a year. But Bittersweet is still going strong and it has become stressful for Sweetums to try to maintain her milk and also grow her baby calf that she is 4 months pregnant with. Bittersweet was given an opportunity to be a gentleman caller for a beautiful lady down the road named Corozon. So this weekend, we had the task of moving him to his new home. I just hated seeing their relationship end!

Those goodbye kisses at the end almost put me over the edge.

I can't look at these photos too long!

The silver lining is that we are back in the fresh milk business. For a few more days at least. The white gold is even better than I remember it! Thank you Sweet Mama!

And here he is, at his new home, with his new lady. He really enjoyed getting to know her :) I think they are going to get along famously.