Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day blues

Yesterday afternoon, it became more and more apparent that Sweetums was indeed coming into heat. We had a political event last night for Congressman Adam Putnam who is running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture in 2010, so we had to leave the house. We called Tony, and scheduled him to come this morning at 730. This was a little disappointing for us, because we really hoped that this second time would take. Tony was confident as well, but it didn't work. It is very hard to realize that a dream you have may not come true. I know, I know...duh, that is life, right? But this isn't something I thought would be so difficult to actually accomplish.

Last night we secured a few Jersey gentleman who are in a pasture in the south end of the county who could use a little company. So the plan is that 2 weeks from now, right before she would come into heat, we will take her down there for a few days. I will be checking on her EVERY DAY and bringing her a snack as well. That way I can also tell if she comes in heat and therefore know if she gets pregnant by the bulls or by AI.

So we are continuing to keep hope alive.

Good Lord Willin', next Mother's Day I will be celebrating this day right along with Sweetums.

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