Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Shot has been given-now we wait

We met Tony today, and his buddy Allen Boyd. Now, the ironic thing is that our US Congressman representing our district is named Allen Boyd. This was not the congressman Allen Boyd who came to give a hormone shot. But, I digress. Farmer-husband had already put Sweetums in her new chute/milking stall. She had a treat of peanuts and corn in her food bowl to keep her occupied during the procedure. It was really a quick and dirty process. He lifted her tail up (as you can see in the picture) and then he gave her the shot. She did move around some, but not anything like what I had pictured in my worst case scenerio, where I had her coming up over the sides of the stall and several large men having to man-handle her to get the shot done.

Tony said we should see her in heat within 48-72 hours. Then, we give him a call and the real deed is done. So, hopefully on Friday afternoon I will be posting another story!

The real benefit to all this is that Tony and Allen Boyd were able to give me some good solid information on the sale of raw milk. It has been hard to get this info, so I was excited to get it. Alls I got to do is get a pet food license, label the milk for pet consumption only, and cha-ching! Maybe we can recoup some of the cha-ching that has already been paid.


dad said...

Poor Sweetuns . . . . minding her own business when some stranger grabs her by the tail and stabs her in the behinnie, and then some money grubbin' paparazzi starts taking a bunch of pictures. Where is PETA when you need them ??

Kim said...

Wow - you can sell raw milk in FL? Here in VA we have to "barter" for it. Or be part of a "cow-share".