Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Gig

First and foremost, I have to let you know that Sweetums' first date was postponed to this coming Tuesday... the details surrounding this involved a few "missed signs" that forced us to cancel this week's happenings. As promised earlier, the story and pictures will follow!

Now, for my big reveal! I have landed the opportunity to write a weekly article for our local newspaper. I am very excited about this because it is something I have thought about for a long time. The nature of the article will be very similar to this blog. Mainly light-hearted stories about my farm life, with some educational and pertinent agriculture issues thrown in there. It will run every Friday, with the heading of "The Farmer Takes a Wife" and my picture! Pretty cool, huh?

I am still deciding what my debut article will be about...should I shock people? Make people laugh? Educate them? Inform them? I'm still deciding. Hopefully I will win them!

Thank you to my faithful readers for all your comments and feedback- keep reading!


Jeremy's fam said...

Congradulations! I'll have Joey grab me a paper!

Mar said...

Hope you will remember us when your writng for the Times.

lana said...

Congratulation, Tracie! So proud of you!

Kim said...

Great! You are a great writer - your local community will be glad to see your weekly contribution!