Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chicken Run

I’ve decided that “zoning out” is truly an ability that is not natural to human beings. We strive constantly to pay attention, to be “present”, and to multi-task. I am guilty of always trying to do something in conjunction with something else. But I digress… have you ever seen a chicken run? Like really run? Across a 3 acre wide open field with nothing in her way, no obstacles to hurdle, no worries to slow her down? This is truly a fascinating sight. I watch my 5 chickens as much as I can out of my large windows that over look our pasture. The chickens are so entertaining. Especially since I’m a really good chicken owner and let them roam a 3 acre pasture as free as a bird…. I honestly believe they are happier doing that than when they lived in their coup all day. But come on, why do I believe that? Because I’m human, and I am purely putting my emotions on a chicken. I’d be happier roaming than couped up. But I also don’t eat seeds out of cow poop, get hunted by birds of prey, or break off albumin and turn it into an egg now do I? So I have a little problem with people who believe “animals are happier when…” Come on, people! They’re not human! But I digress…They stay gone most of the day, in the woods or somewhere looking for bugs. But when they come out, usually around 5 pm, they are so far from the coup and their feed that they all of a sudden feel the urge to run home. And seeing them run makes me laugh out loud. Chickens are an oddly shaped bird, being so bottom heavy. And when there are only 2 very short legs to run upon, the running is more like really fast waddling. They lurch their heads forward and take off. They run the whole way, like 100 yards! What’s really funny is when 2 run together, side by side, like 2 people finishing a marathon trying to inch ahead of the other. They are running fast across an open field and then all of a sudden they get to the fence and halt. Then very slowly, then begin to peck the ground again. They aren’t out of breath or noticeably tired, or wondering if their stocks are worth anything… they’re just pecking the ground and clucking. Oh and leaving me a beautiful brown egg everyday. They have no idea how much I appreciate that.
I really wish I could post a video of the ladies doing their afternoon sprints. You would laugh out loud. {for all you city folk, yes there still exists a peculiar and miserable thing called dial-up which prevents me from uploading videos within a reasonable amount of time- like a day}


Jacqueline said...

I wish I could see that!! Sounds hilarious! We miss you guys!! I hope you are doing well!

Rachael Rydbeck said...

Haha, sounds awesome! Jealous of your fresh eggs.

Kara said...

I've witnessed something like this. One rooster was chasing the other rooster around and around and around our woods. It was hilarious.

Thanks for sharing. I'm right there with you in appreciating those brown eggs. Mine just started laying. Yay!!!