Sunday, June 19, 2016

Teagan's Turn!

So here I am at the vet's office. On Sunday. On Father's Day. We aren't people who frequent the doctors office for ourselves or for our kids, but apparently our dogs are another story all together. We've been here for serious emergencies twice in the last 2 weeks. Cody- venomous snake bite 2 weeks ago- and now, Teagan...who has sliced her paw pad open quite deeply and needs stitches. For a dog, this requires that you put them under completely. She never cried or whined, she didn't even hold her little foot up. The only way we knew she was hurt was that I saw a few faint spots of blood on the floor after she came home from her walk! As farm dogs, their "walk" consists of exploring and running and playing. They aren't on leashes, but because they are working dogs, they generally stay close to us as we explore each morning and night. This morning, the dogs do what they do every morning: they act like dogs. Actually let me put a finer point on that- they act like farm dogs.

Life. We want it to be easy, we would like for it to be fun, we pray for it to turn out well. It's human instinct I suppose, that we all crave ease.  This past week, the 3 Orlando tragedies have both my brain and heart hurting.  I think everyone who has heard about them feels a tugging on their heart toward the families who lost someone this week. It just hurts to imagine the type of pain they feel.  As a mother, I put myself in all the mother's shoes who lost a child this past week. The lives of those affected will never be the same. All the what-if's will haunt their minds for years.

I'm 38. Older people think I'm young, and younger people think I'm old. Is this middle age? It's definitely a time of life where I have accepted that there are ups and downs and lefts and rights and completely out of nowhere twists of life. I don't expect happiness everyday, but I strive to have a perspective of contentment with any circumstance. I don't expect life to never hand me disaster, but I certainly pray to be spared from it. And yet I can't help myself from longing to avoid every frustration and pain of life.

The injuries our 2 furry friends have had recently were accidents; but they both happened when our dogs were being dogs. They were loving life, being adventurous and playful. I can't, nor I won't, stop them from being dogs. Could I keep them inside all day, taking them out on a leash and hurry them back inside? If I did, I would be keeping them from the life they long to live. I would be protecting them from harm and at the same time, preventing their joy.

Each tragedy in Orlando this week happened while people were loving life...enjoying friends, family, and just being people. I do everything I can to protect my children from danger, and yet at the same time, let them still be kids. That's not an easy balance, but I know it's what's best for them. The same goes for my husband and myself- we don't intentionally put ourselves in harm's way (most days!) but life is about taking necessary risks and also accepting challenges that may not turn out peachy-keen. 

Cuts, scrapes, scars, stories, lessons learned, lessons learned again, and sometimes even deaths... All from just waking up in the morning and living the life God gave you. We can't avoid the bad, we can't prevent all circumstances from coming our way. We can try, but even the most safety conscious person must admit that even in that endeavor, you turn down experiences that could bring joy, growth, and deeper satisfaction.

Dr. B just came out to tell me Teagan did fine in the surgery. Kennel rest, wearing the cone of shame, and antibiotics for 10 days. It's a bump in the road for our sweet girl.... She will have many stories to tell throughout her life because, well, she lives her life as a farm dog! Teagan is an extremely tough dog, who has a very high pain tolerance. Maybe that has come to be who she is because of what she's experienced. She's sweet, smart, obedient, and I love to watch her enjoy the doggie pleasures of life that God intended for her. Grateful for more time with her, grateful for our amazing vet clinic that has once again served us and our puppies so well. 

Grateful for one more day to live life...whatever it brings.