Monday, December 6, 2010

A new leaf

With about 3 weeks left in the calendar year (which coincidentally is our farm year as well), here are the stats:
Grain Sorghum planted:check
Soybeans planted:check
Green Peanuts planted:check
Dry Peanuts planted:check
Cotton Planted:check

Green peanuts harvested and sold:check and check
Grain Sorghum harvested and sold:check and ongoing
Soybeans harvested:half check
Dry Peanuts harvested and sold:double check
Cotton harvested and sold:half check and check

As we round out the year, I always look forward to seeing my husband again. Family dinners at a normal hour, house projects worked on, small vacations taken, date nights beoming a semi-reality...oh, how sweet it is to be a team again.

But we aren't there yet! Still plowin' up, still heading toward the light at the end of the row, still runnin' the machines, still at it.

But it's close ya'lls. Real close. And me and all these other ladies are super happy... there's this one in VA, this one in KS, this one in GA, and this one in AL... because like us, they turn the dirt too. Providing food and fiber to America and the, affordable, and abundant. That's your food supply!

Oh, the new leaf, in case anyone was that I'm going to start trying to post more. TRYING.


Steph said...

Thanks for the link! :)

And just when we think we're done until Spring, we remember we have 4 chicken long thoughts of rest, relaxation, and vacation!

The Farmer Takes a Wife said...

Wow, you don't get a break do you? Not with animals! They are a 24/7 commitment. Hope you guys have a great holiday season! Any chance you are going to the AFBF conference in Atlanta in January? We'll be there!

Steph said...

Not sure, I would like to! I think some from our county are going over. It all depends on whether we have chickens or not!

LeAnna said...

Blog hopped here from Janet! Sometimes I feel like I'm married to an agriculture man, but we're in construction! We go in spurts and have seasons of "Daddyless Dinners" as I call them. I'll be thankful when work slows a bit!
Loved readin' your past few posts!

Janet Phillips said...

Thanks for the link girl!

I hope ya'll get finished up soon. The guys are finishing up some dirt work so when spring rolls around we hopefully won't be near as busy....but no guarantees, cause after all it is still a farm I love on!