Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rich, Creamery, Bud-dah!

When I brought home farmer-hubby to meet my family when we were dating, he commented to me that he thought it was funny that we had butter on the table during dinner...uh...YEAH! Doesn't everyone? Well, apparently not. I love butter--what's not to love? And let me tell you...fresh butter straight from the fresh cream straight from the fresh milk straight from girlfriend herself....wowsers.

Nothing like it.

So here is the process:

Scoop the cream off the top of the chilled milk.

keep scooping! (forgive the color discrepancy...I am not the greatest photographer...it is in real life, the yellow color of the first photo!)

It is SO THICK it is almost butter already!

Pour it into the food processor. Add salt.

Turn her on full blast.

A few minutes in, I check to see how things are all shaking out.

Lookin' mighty good in there!

Pouring off the 'sweet cream buttermilk'...(this is not cultured buttermilk like you buy at the store...that is a different product that undergoes a culturing process)

Getting all the buttermilk out to extend the shelf life of the butter (I use the sweet cream buttermilk in pancakes or biscuits)

The finished product...bright yellow rich creamery butter...on the table...where it belongs!


Judy Kay said...

Oh, my yumminess. Amazing. Doesn't it strike you how dark and rich the color of fresh butter is compared to store-bought butter? In my world, fresh butter from a grass-fed cow is one of the truest health foods around. It's like gold. Or buttah.
Nice work, T! If it tastes half as good as it looks (and I know it does) then that's some fine stuff right there. Deserving of center-piece status, for sure.

Super Maw Maw said...

oooooooooo.......I really really want some.............

Tracie said...

Judy Kay, yes, the grass diet gives the yellow color...and it is beautiful. We are very thankful and grateful to have girlfriend around!

Jenny said...


Judy Kay said...

Yep. All that extra VitE, A and Beta-carotene, not to mention the CLA's, from the grass makes it like gold. See? A health food. : )
(I can justify excess consumption of good food in any form. Look for the positive! lol)

Rachael said...

Tracie, You make me want to have a cow for fresh cream and butter!

Jimmy and Julie Alley said...

Did you get the idea for the title of this blog partly from the movie "Kate and Leopold?" If not, you need to see that movie. I'll let you borrow it.

Tracie said...

Julie, no actually I got this title from a Homer Simpson quote from the old school Simpsons that my Dad and I would watch in high school! So imagine it being said by Homer, and you'll catch my drift!