Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Day of Planting

People ask the farmer a lot when planting season starts...he always says "middle of April." So I have it in my head that we start on April 15th. He told me last night, April 13th, that he was starting today (the 14th)...I said, "Hey, that's a day early!" To which he replied, "I wanted to start 2 weeks ago!" Whatever, dude.

Planting season is inevitable, but it is always a rough transition around here. The kids are so used to Daddy's flexible winter schedule that they become quite concerned when they have to go to bed without him here. It's rough on Momma too, because I get really accustomed to going to the grocery alone and being free to make my own schedule at night, specifically going to exercise! But all that ends when planting begins. I become a single parent (sorta) and Daddy becomes an expert on current events (from listening to talk radio all day) and stays up past midnight looking up how to fix his planter or his GPS.

It is just what happens once April 15 rolls around...

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