Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back to Bumpkin Land

When I was a little girl, I loved watching Little House on the Prairie (that was one of those red flags to my family that I was really a country girl at heart). I always thought it was interesting that Maw and Paw would “go into town” only every so often. I would get as excited as Laura and Mary were upon their return to see what they had brought back for them as gifts from the country store. It was usually fabric or candy. I thought that was funny…why would you need fabric? Why was candy such a big deal? I went to town daily-I lived there!
Well, now, the tables have turned. I refer to making a trip to Winn-Dixie as “going to town” and because I am out in the country, it isn’t convenient to go every day or on a whim. I don’t need fabric, but the kids do look forward to the days we go into town and they can get some little treat at the store.
Recently my parents took both children for a 3 day vacation to their house to give me a stay-cation at home. This was quite thrilling for the kids, of course, because this was 3 days of intense spoiling. They went to the zoo, the donut shop, the indoor bounce-house playground, out to eat several times, the beach, and probably several other things that they aren’t revealing. All of this took place in a much bigger city than the one they are used to, with any and everything your little heart desires within a 5 minute drive. Of course the children had to be constantly reminded not to dart out of the house into the yard without an adult. They had to be instructed on busy streets, watching out for cars and stranger-danger. They weren’t in Kansas anymore… or Jefferson county!
When they returned home, they promptly greeted each and every animal with open arms. My country mice had returned from the city! They were most amazed at the fact that the donut shop was so easily accessible…little do they realize now that there are some things that are better left uneasily accessible! And just yesterday, my 6 year old said to me at dinner, “We didn’t go anywhere in the car today!” She had become so accustomed to going, that staying just felt odd. I said, “No sweetie, everything we needed today was right here.”
I’m very grateful for the convenience of stores and shopping. Let’s face it, they are necessities of life. But it is so nice to not go anywhere in the car each and everyday just because you feel the need to go into town. And it is so nice to have all my bumpkins under one roof again.

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