Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bringing Home Sweetums

I don't have a lot to report because not a lot has happened. Saturday was a frustrating day. Hubby went down to the bull pen with both kids in tow to bring Sweetums home. He was being sweet to let me have some time alone at home, but later I learned that I should always be around when events involving my heifer are unfolding. He got another flat tire on the trailer on the way there, which was the first thorn in his side. Then, once they got there, Sweetums wouldn't load in the trailer. This time he didn't have a goat. He did have peanuts, though, which she cared nothing for. He pulled and pulled, but she wouldn't budge. He slapped her rear. He yelled. He pushed. She flat out was not going to come home with him. After an hour of this foolishness and mayhem, he left. I received a few text messages warning me that she was not with him and that it hadn't gone well. I felt horrible. I am so appreciative for all he does for my little projects, and I can't do anything to help sometimes. So she will stay there for a few more weeks so she can go through another cycle just in case she still isn't preggers.

Right now, we are frustrated with this whole process. I miss her mooing, I find myself looking for her in the pasture, the kids ask about her. We miss her. But at the same time, we are so frustrated because we know it may be the end of the road for us and the milk cow.



Kim said...

Oh - I hope it's not the end of the road! Partly because I LOVE cows & partly because I live my farm dreams vicariously through you! I appreciate your blog!

Emily said...

So what's the latest?

Nancy said...

Don't give up! It will be worth it! It is a lot easier to have someone come out and inseminate them and it is not very expensive. Have you checked in your area?

Tracie said...

Nancy...we've tried AI 3 times at our house and she never took. That is why she is out at her bed and breakfast! I'm hoping when we bring her home next week the deed will have been done!