Friday, April 17, 2009

News Update

Just yesterday, I was bragging to friends that today would be the 21 day mark since Tony had been here. Sweetums had been laying down so much over the past few weeks, taking lots of breaks from the goats, and obviously in a different state of mind. I thought for sure she was "in the motherly way" or whatever that saying is.

First thing this morning, though, she began pacing the fence, watching the house. Then the mooing started. Then the desperate mooing followed. I was so disappointed. By noon, this had not let up, and I convinced farmer-hubby to call Tony. She has apparently come in to heat again which calf.

But good ol' Tony was available this afternoon at 3:30, and after checking with Sweetums she said really anytime was fine with her, so he should be on his way. I think this time I'm going with the more expensive semen. I don't know why, but hey- why not.

I'm trying to think on the bright side, and the only thing I can come up with is that at least this might put a few more weeks between Sweetums' baby and my baby, which can only be better on us when it comes time for her to deliver.

I drove by a pasture today that was what is referred to by ranchers as a "cow/calf operation". There were probably 50 calves all laying down in their "nursery" area being watched by 4 or 5 momma's. The other momma's were off eating, taking their break. This is such an incredible phenomenon that cows time you drive by a field, see if there is a nursery and you will smile. It is kind of like their version of Mom's morning out. But when I saw those babies, it made me so sad that Sweetums wasn't pregnant. I felt like a woman who was hiring a surrogate mother to have a baby for her and the surrogate couldn't conceive! I looked at the calves and said, "Why was it so easy for you?!"

Then I got a grip. We've only tried 1 time, and I have a really good feeling about today. Well, Tony is pulling up...and my life continues...

Tony has done the deed again, and is on his way home. Same exact process as last time, except the following commentary that I got from Tony afterward:
"She has a real crooked cervix. Real crooked. I really had to weave my way in there. But she was in a good heat, and I think this time we will have success."

Now, I'm really not trying to give TMI, but for those of you who know me personally and know my 2 birth stories well, you can imagine what was going through my mind when he mentioned a 'real crooked cervix.' He did go on later to say that it isn't that uncommon in Jersey's but hers was especially so. I asked his advice on how many times we try. He said he'd give it one more shot after this time, and then put her with a bull. He also said most heifers have a 70% success rate of first time conception with AI. So, we were in the 30%. But Tony is hopeful, and I am hopeful.

We then went on to talk about animal welfare, the recent tea-parties on tax day, religious beliefs, discipling children... you know, typical non-controversial small talk. The more we get to know Tony, the more we like him. I can't think of a better AI tech for my sweet girl.

Sweetums is laying down in the pasture now, enjoying a smoke. (that one is for you Dad)


Emily said...

Love, love, love your post - the cervix thing is crazy - guess there was a reason you got Sweetums, you will be more patient with her than another owner might have been. Hope the second time is a charm!

Jimmy and Julie Alley said...

Okay, Tracie. I just caught up on your blog (like you did mine) :-) and I'm totally engrossed in Sweetum's story and would be glad to take pictures of the birth. :-) Also, did I gather you're having a baby? When? Keep writing! I took pics of Carey's twins: