Thursday, February 19, 2009

Food Check Out Week

Last week, all across the country, county Farm Bureau organizations made a concentrated effort to educate the public on our safe, affordable, and abundant food supply that we enjoy in the United States. The reason for doing it in Feburary, specifically the 3rd week each year, is quite interesting. Here in the US, the average person spends less than 10% of our income on our food. By this time of the month, we have earned enough money from January 1st until the third week in February, to pay for our entire year's worth of food. It may seem like each time you visit the grocery store, something costs more than the previous week. But we still enjoy the most affordable food supply in the world.

Have you thanked your farmer today?

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dad said...

To my favorite farmfam . . . . . thanks a bunch for your hard work.