Friday, December 21, 2007

Another annoying claim....

I read the back of a Cascadian Farm Organic cereal box... big mistake, I know. At the bottom, there is a box that says "Why Eat Organic?" And it lists 3 reasons. But none have actual facts backing up the reasons, it basically lists what constitues organic labeling.... once again misleading the public to believe that buying organic food makes you healthier and happier and a good person. But the 3rd reason really got under my skin... "Organic farming helps protect and nurture the environment- Organic farmers rely on time-tested natural methods including soil building and crop rotation to reduce the negative impact on the environment" Now, you all better be glad that Stephen is asleep and I am flying solo on this one because he would GO OFF. ALL Farmers rely on both things they mentioned. All farmers have to be stewards of their land. All farmers want good yeilds and good crops-- not just the organic guys who are working for big companies. Crop rotation is not something that organic farmers thought of or that is unique to them. And in fact, organic farms actually consume more land due to low yields and consume more resources (fuel) to produce their crops. Further more, as i stated in my milk post, most organic farmers are not people who believe in organics! They simply grow organic crops because they have found a way to put food on their table. They work for someone else. As Stephen always says... Farmers were the FIRST environmentalists and we will always be the ones who have the most at stake for protecting our land.

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